Visual Mobile Messaging

Visual Mobile Messaging

Bring Mobile Customer Conversations Alive

Break the constraints of a traditional messaging and engage with customers in new and exciting visual mobile messaging.

Easy to deploy, create and send visual mobile messaging campaigns in minutes. Incorporate intuitive calls to actions to drive customers to your desired outcome. Responding with just one touch, improve contact rates, response rates and achieve better overall business results.

Offering a complement to voice and text messages, visual mobile messaging round off the multi-channel communications offering. Schedule messages based on individual customers’ previous behaviour patterns to drive smarter more efficient customer contact.

Touch Messaging

Send custom, automated visual mobile messages about what you want, whenever you decide.

Personalise and embed messages with a combination of rich media information- text, images, maps, videos, downloadable files and much more. Add custom interactivity options - bring calls back into a call centre, direct customers to geographical locations, purchase a product or complete surveys. The options are limitless.

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Send post event visual surveys and capture real-time customer feedback and gain richer customers insights. Measure responses in real-time and set alerts and triggers on low scores to prompt agent respond immediately. With early intervention customer issues can result in an overall positive company rating. With clear buttons and intuitive actions allow customers to complete a survey in a matter of seconds. From NPS surveys, CSAT to service installations and product surveys, visual surveys are a cost effective way to..

Location Based Messaging

Personalise messages with location specific content. Direct customers to their nearest payment, pick-up or service locations or offer intuitive call backs (click-to-call ) options to specific local/nearest store or business offices. Adding this feature improves customer experience by letting customers talk to agents in their local area.

Informational Messaging

Send simple information visual messages to get the message across. Include product images, coupons, videos , opening hours, request meter reads or confirm delivery and appointment times. Adding simple interaction options to trigger automated actions call backs, more information requests etc. With visual messaging, there are endless possibilities. If you have something that you need to talk about with your customers, visual messaging is a perfect alternative.


  • Fully branded
  • Track every interaction in the message
  • Custom splash screens
  • Real-time feedback capture
  • Configurable slider/rating questions
  • Select or rank items from a list
  • Free text submission
  • Intuitive call to actions e.g. click to call, click for navigation
  • Social network information & integration
  • Full reporting suite


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